Global circumstances now require an alternative to traditional in-person ballroom / conference room meetings and events.

Managed Conferences emulates that in-room experience, using customized web tech and time-proven stagecraft and presentation methods. The effective interchange between your presenters and the audience now happens without anyone needing to leave their home or office.

Managed Conferences is an alternative – a tailored event solution that’s as close to “being there” without actually being there.

Your presenters gather in a virtual green room using their laptops or mobile devices; traditional show management still runs the event from a virtual front of house and backstage.  Your attendees participate in a seamless experience.   Camera cuts, comms structure, roll-ins, lower thirds, panel discussions, polling, moderated Q&A, sponsor support, breakouts, enduring records post-show – the same aspects you’re used to in a ballroom experience, now adapted for a virtual environment.

As your production partner, Managed Conferences solves your dilemma of how to have an effective conference, in spite of restrictions no one but a science fiction writer could have imagined.

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